Hi, I’m Theresa Dorlini, interior designer, art lover, wife, mother of four, and founder of CIRCLE Design Studio, an award-winning interior design studio based in Roanoke, Virginia.

Why Curata?

Curata is more than just a word or the title for our blog – it’s a philosophy. The philosophy that your home should tell your story.

Curata is Italian for “curate.” It means, “carefully and thoughtfully collected and displayed.”

When it comes to your home, I believe that design matters. And that the best design for your home is the one that reflects you – your personality, your family’s needs, the things that make you unique and bring you joy. Beautiful spaces aren’t created through interior architecture alone, and the richest looking interiors aren’t the ones that are “matchy matchy.” Instead, they are born out of that perfect combination of “good bones,” comfortable furnishings, and a collection of meaningful objects, art, and memories curated over time.

That’s why curata is our philosophy. For CIRCLE Design Studio, we carefully assemble the perfect team for each project. We thoughtfully create designs that are not only functional and beautiful but also showcase the story and style of the homeowner.

On the blog, this is also our philosophy. We carefully select content that will bring you value for your life and home. To give you an inside look into the latest trends in design, home furnishings, and décor, to showcase local artists and events, and to provide you with a behind-the-scenes peek at CIRCLE.

I hope that as you follow our often-crazy journey to balance design and life, you are inspired to curate your own collection of meaningful objects, furnishings, and artwork that will enable your home to tell your story.

Some Snippets of Our Crazy Life