When it comes to styling your bedroom, you want to create a peaceful environment that makes you feel comfortable. The bedroom is also a great place in your home to really personalize, so choose accessories and colors that reflect your style and that make you happy in this personal space.

As you think about your decor, consider the overall mood you want to create in your bedroom. Do you like a dark and moody space? Or do you prefer a bright and airy look? This may also be influenced by the amount of natural light that comes into the room. Also consider the style you’re going for. Do you prefer modern and clean lined? Rustic chic? Or something in between?

No matter the style or mood you’re going for, there are some common elements you can incorporate (in addition to your bed and night table) to create a relaxing and restful space. Depending on the size of your bedroom, you may have to pick and choose which of these you can include.

  • A seating area for reading or relaxing, with an accent chair and some sort of lighting
  • A storage and/or display area, with a bookcase or shelf, or perhaps just a storage bench at the foot of your bed
  • A space for getting ready, with a mirror
  • Artwork and/or photos on the walls or in frames
  • Other accessories to provide color, texture, and pattern, such as candle holders, vases, greenery, etc.

We’ve rounded up some photos for inspiration as well as some of our favorite picks for decor items that we hope will inspire you as you style your own space!

Bedroom Looks

These looks we love from Pinterest feature seating areas, display and storage areas, mirrors, artwork, benches, greenery, pillows, and other accents to inspire you, no matter the style and mood you’re looking to achieve in your bedroom:

bedroom reading area
Photo from The Brunette One.
Photo from Becki Owens.
Photo from My Domaine.

Some Bedroom Décor Accessory Recommendations

Based on some of the tips we mentioned above, here are a few options for accessories and furniture that we love, to give you some inspiration for styling your perfect bedroom:

Accent chairs:

We love that this one swivels and glides and that the fabric is completely customizable!

We love this cleaner looking recliner:

We love this sleek chair with metal accents:


This one is versatile–it can lean glam or industrial:

A sleek option with pops of trendy gold:

This one is sculptural and natural:

A floor lamp option with a minimal but shiny look:

A modern, clean-lined floor lamp option:

Artwork & Other Wall Decor:

Blue is especially popular in bedrooms because of its calming nature. We love abstract paintings, such as this one:

Art is a great way to bring in color, such as with a piece like this:

Or you can go neutral and graphic and bring in some metallics with this:

Subtle, simple, and classic is also a nice choice:

Go natural and simple with something like this:

A funky and airy piece such as this one is a nice choice:

For a modern and geometric look, try this:


For an elegant look:

Gain a more industrial feel with this one:

A simple and classic choice:

Benches for in front of the bed:

Classic tufted look, modernized with shine:

A simple, natural look:

A great option with storage!


Pillows are a great way to add color, texture, and/or pattern–the options are endless!

Miscellaneous decorative accessories:

Accessories like these can help add texture, sparkle, and color to your space!

To order any of the items above, contact Circle Design Studio.

Whether you choose some of these specific items or just use them as inspiration for choosing your own, we hope you find the perfect combination of pieces to make your bedroom a comfortable and personalized space!