Your entryway is the space in your home that makes the first impression. As such, you want it to be a welcoming, stylish area that sets the tone for the rest of your house. Earlier this month, we talked about ways to create an organized and stylish entryway or mudroom.

If you’re thinking of sprucing up your home’s entrance, a great starting point can be the lighting. It’s a design element that’s an easy one to update, and swapping out a dated light fixture for an updated one can drastically change the whole look and feel of your entryway.

When it comes to choosing a light fixture, it can seem like the options are endless, as far as style, mounting type, size, etc. Here are two principles to keep in mind to help you select the perfect fixture for your space:

1: Determine the style of fixture you need

Traditional, transitional, modern, rustic—there are many different styles. Choose the one that will go with the overall look and feel of the rest of your home. While you can choose a fixture that will make a statement as people enter your home through the space, you don’t want it to feel out of place with everything else in the house.

Also consider the color of the finish that will work the best both in your space, and with the rest of the finishes you already have. While it doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, you do want it to look cohesive.

2: Choose the right scale

Think here about the overall size and shape of your space. Is it really small and tight or large and open? Is it narrow or wide? Do you have standard height ceilings or tall ones? All of these factors will determine the size and mounting type of the fixture that will go the best in the space.

For instance, if you have a larger, taller space, you can play around with larger scale chandeliers, particularly ones that hang down a long way. If your space is smaller, a fixture like that will look like it’s taking up too much space. A flush, semi-flush, or a shorter pendant may be a better choice in a space like this. If your space is long and narrow, you may even consider two of the same fixtures.

Photos of Entryway Light Fixtures for Inspiration

Now that you know the principles, here are some examples to give you some inspiration of some different looks you could achieve:


Transitional fixtures are a mix of modern and traditional. They often feature a traditional shape, but with an updated finish or shade. They typically feature glass or fabric elements and usually come in a satin or chrome finish.

Drum lights. Drum lights are a simple yet elegant look for gentle light in your entryway. They come as flush-mounts or semi-flush. Here are some examples from Pinterest:

Photo from One Kindesign.

Here’s a light that will give you a similar look:

Light from Lamps Plus.

Chandeliers. To make a little more of a statement while also maintaining a more traditional look, a transitional style chandelier is a great choice, particularly for a larger entryway or foyer.

Photo from Jane Lockhart blog.

Try this one for a similar look:

Light from Lamps Plus.

For a more traditionally shaped chandelier, try one of these two options:

Light from Lamps Plus.
Light from Lamps Plus.

Pendants. Pendants are a good in-between option, with a little more detail than a flush or semi-flush, but a little less ornate and usually smaller than a chandelier.

For a similar look, try this one:

Light from Lamps Plus.

Or, here’s an option that’s a bit more of a crossover between a pendant and a chandelier:

Light from Lamps Plus.


If your home has a more modern style, consider an accent light fixture for your entryway that will really make a statement. Modern fixtures come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and mounting types. Look for clean lines, sculptural shapes, or ones that are reminiscent of mid-century fixtures. Finishes on modern style fixtures vary from chrome to brass. Below are some examples:

Photo from Traditional Home.

To get a similar look as this, try this fixture:

Light from Lamps Plus.
Photo from Magnolia.

For a fixture that also features clean lines and textures, try this one:

Light from Lamps Plus.
Photo from MyDomaine.

Get a similar look with this fixture:

Light from Lamps Plus.
Photo from In Site Designs.

For a similar youthful feel, give this fixture a try:

Light from Lamps Plus.

If your space is more suited for a flush mount, but you still want a modern style fixture, try this one:

Light from Lamps Plus.


Rustic-style fixtures have a more industrial, farmhouse, and/or cage-like feel. So if this is the look that coordinates with the rest of your home, consider a fixture in this style for your entryway. These types of fixtures feature materials such as iron or other metals, wood, and rope—more natural elements. The finishes on these are typically bronze or black.


Photo from One Kindesign.

This fixture will provide a similar look:

Light from Lamps Plus.
Photo from Archite Space.

Here’s an option that will give you a similar look:

Light from Lamps Plus.

For a rustic take on more traditionally shaped chandeliers, try one of these:

Light from Lamps Plus.
Light from Lamps Plus.


Photo from Style at Home.

This fixture is a good choice for recreating this look:

Light from Lamps Plus.
Photo from The 11 Best.

Try this option with a similar feel:

Light from Lamps Plus.
Photo from Homemade Lovely.

Here’s an option to achieve a similar look:

Light from Lamps Plus.

No matter the size of your entryway or the style of your home, we hope this post has given you some inspiration for brightening your home’s entrance with an updated light fixture!