Well, the whirlwind craziness and celebration of IDEAs is over, but I would be remiss if I did not do a gratitude post…

Ten years ago, when the economy was tanking AND the design industry was suffering, AND my family was split apart while I had a 15 month old AND another one on the way, AND all of our projects we thought were a “sure thing” were drying up, AND John had to take a job in Roanoke to keep us afloat, AND his elderly father (who lived with us) had started that slow final decline…I never could have imagined that our family and CIRCLE would be where we are today. All John and I have ever wanted was to be able to make a living and feed our family, while doing something we loved…DESIGN. It was such a long road and just the blink of an eye at the same time. It was a rough road, but the little rewards along the way kept me going.


As tired as I was, nursing babies and running after toddlers, I knew there was a certain part of me that came alive when I was designing. I only took on an few small projects a year and managed the best I could, with John’s help on nights and weekends. I was always terrified to commit to too much work, never knowing when our house would get hit with an awful virus and I would need to be there for my sick babies.

A little over three years ago, the tides turned and John was able to quit his “real job” and come back full time to our original plan, CIRCLE. We’ve never looked back. What a blessing!…none of which could have happened without the following:

John, the rock of our family. The slow, steady, hardworking man I am honored to call my business partner and husband. He knew how important is was for my soul to keep designing and stay “relevant” in my field, so I could go back once the babies were grown. He was my biggest cheerleader, and the one who pushed me to submit our projects for awards when I thought I was a washed up, has-been designer at age 32. He never gave up on me or our dream. Thank you.

My employees, who don’t get nearly enough credit for how they keep the CIRCLE train moving. Stefanie, Josh, Cathy, Jeff, Natalie and Adam, you guys are the true rock stars…for putting up with our craziness! Thank you.

My parents, (and all our other childcare and sitters), you are the backbone of everything we do, and allow John and me to pursue our dreams and know our kids are well taken care of when we are away from them. Thank you.

Our clients, who had faith in us and our God-given abilities. You saw that we could “do it”, even in the beginning when CIRCLE’s portfolio was thin. You took a chance on us. Thank you.

My colleagues and industry friends (ASID/IIDA), you gave me my design mojo back! When I felt like I couldn’t compete with “real” designers and “real” design firms from my tiny home office in my basement, you gave me amazing awards that boosted my confidence and kept me striving for more. Thank you.

The amazing craftsman, artists, subs and photographers I have the privilege to work with, you make us look good! Thank you.

My awesome (Original Gansta) Mom2Mom ladies, you were my sisters and my sanity when I thought I couldn’t bear one more sleepless night or bout with hand-foot-mouth disease. You showed me what motherhood was really about. Thank you.

My kids, who show me so much love and grace everyday, even when I lose my cool and fall short of the mom I want to be for them. I’ve said this before and I’ll say again, you beautiful kids saved me from myself. Thank you.

And last but certainly not least, a loving and gracious Creator, “who knew me as I was being knitted in my mother’s womb”, who did not give up on me even when depression and anxiety made me want to give up on myself…you were always there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Without all of these I am nothing. Thank you. ❤️ Here’s to many more years of family, love and design!


2017 Awards

  • VA ASID / IIDA Interior Design Excellence Award – Brightest IDEA
  • VA ASID / IIDA Interior Design Excellence Award – First Place | Corporate | Under 35,000 SF
  • VA ASID / IIDA Interior Design Excellence Award – First Place | Custom
  • VA ASID / IIDA Interior Design Excellence Award – First Place | Healthcare | Under 15,000 SF
  • VA ASID / IIDA Interior Design Excellence Award –First Place | Retail
  • VA ASID / IIDA Interior Design Excellence Award – First Place | Residence | Under 3,500 SF
  • VA ASID / IIDA Interior Design Excellence Award – First Place | Residence | Over 3,500 SF