The chaos of life can often leave our mudrooms and entryways looking like a tornado of shoes, toys, pet hair, and mail has come through. With the kids out of school for the summer, their in and out all day long as they play can sometimes make this seem even worse than usual.

If this is the case for you, we have several ideas for creating a more organized entrance into your home. Since this space is often the first one that you and any guests see when you first come into your home, it should be a place that makes a good impression. We believe that you can have a space that is both practical and family-friendly, while also being a stylish place you’re happy to invite guests into.

Using some CIRCLE designed entryways and mudrooms, as well as some inspiration from Pinterest, check out our tips below for organizing and styling your mudroom or entryway:

1: Select a seating option

It’s important to have a spot to put on and take off shoes. This is much easier, especially for little ones, with a spot to sit down. Choose a chair or a bench. We especially love the benches that double as storage. Here are ideas from Pinterest:

Photo from Pottery Barn website.
Photo from One Kings Lane.
Photo from Birch Lane website.

2: Incorporate Hooks

Between jackets, purses, hats, and keys, hooks are a must-have for your mudroom or entryway. There are a ton of great options for this.

Photo from Always Rooney blog.
Photo from Rejuvenation website.
Photo from SawDust Sisters blog.

Here is a custom bench/hook/shelf combo piece from an entryway that CIRCLE designed:

3: Create a space for shoes

Whether you use a bin, baskets, specific shelving, pegs, or something else entirely, a designated spot for shoes is the best way to prevent a cluttered-looking space. Consider how many pairs of shoes are in your mudroom on average in order to determine the best shoe solution for your family that will give everyone the space they need.

Here’s a custom mudroom designed by CIRCLE with some specific shoe shelves that we love:

4: Make a spot for mail

Depending on the amount of space you have, consider a shelf, table, or bin to drop and/or organize mail, magazines, and other paper that gets brought in.

Photo from Hi Sugar Plum blog.

5: Accessorize the space

First, choose a rug. This will make the space feel warmer while also providing the ever-important place to wipe off wet or dirty shoes. You want something that will bring some personality into this space that also transitions well into the style of the rest of your home. The size of your space will determine the type of rug, whether a runner, a smaller one right in front of the door, or something much larger.

Here’s an example we love from Pinterest:

Photo from The Every Girl.

Next, put up artwork or other wall hangings. From rustic chic word art to sophisticated modern art, choose a look that fits in with the style of the rest of your home. Depending on your space and family needs, you may even consider a message board or calendar.

Here’s a rustic chic look from Pinterest featuring a wreath and word art:

Photo from Insidecorate.

Depending on how much space you have, you may also want to include some filler decor such as plants or tall vases with branches or greenery. For example, this entryway by CIRCLE features modern art, as well as a touch of greenery:

While you’re in the throes of summer chaos right now, the good news is that implementing these tips will help in preparation for the kids going back to school, providing a drop zone for backpacks and more. We hope these tips are helpful for creating a space that is both practical and polished.