The cooler fall weather is finally upon us, which means it finally feels like a more appropriate time to start pumpkin carving, Halloween costume shopping, and decorating our homes for fall and Thanksgiving.

Console tables are a great combination of storage (with hidden areas from drawers and baskets) and style (with the open top and shelves for displaying your décor). If you don’t already have a console table for your home that you love, now might be a great time to get one. And if you’re going for the rustic modern look, check out our top 5 favorite rustic console tables.

Whether you’re using your console table in your entryway, living room, or another location in your home, it can be the perfect platform for displaying some of your seasonal decorations. Depending on the accessories you choose, you can achieve a wide variety of looks to fit the style of your home.

A console table decorated for fall from the Dashing Dish blog.

Console Table Styling Principles

When it comes to styling your console table, we recommend the following principles:

  1. Less is more. This applies to styling your console table any time of year, not just for fall. These tables can easily become too cluttered and kitschy. Remember that you don’t have to cover every inch of the tabletop or the shelves to make a statement. In fact, when you choose just a couple accent or seasonal pieces, it draws more attention to those items than if your whole table is covered in pumpkins and pine cones.
  1. Keep it neutral with small bursts of color. Keep the majority of the décor on the table in the family of browns, grays, and beiges. Then use those rich fall tones such as gold, orange, and red as accents. This draws the eye to those pops of color without dominating the room. It also helps your fall decorations blend in better with the overall décor of your home, especially if you don’t have a warm color palette.

Elements of a Styled Console Table

Console tables can be styled in a multitude of different ways depending on the room they are used in and the overall style of the home, but many times, they feature some common elements:

  • A focal point above it. If the table is against a wall, a mirror or piece of artwork is often hung above the table or sometimes rests on the table. Depending on the scale of the space and the length of the table, sometimes multiple pieces are showcased. If it’s more subtle, what’s hanging above the table can serve as the backdrop for the table, or the table can be the backdrop for a bold piece of artwork.
  • A tall element. Mixing heights of the items on the table creates visual interest. This taller piece can be a vase with floral elements such as branches or fake flowers or a tall candle holder.
  • Some form of light (even if it’s just for looks). Lamps are very commonly used on console tables. Depending on the room the table is used in, that light may not be necessary, so lanterns or candles in larger holders are often used. This “form of light” is often used on the opposite end of the table as the tall element to create some balance.
  • Some smaller accent pieces. This could be things like picture frames, books, potpourri, small candles, decorative dishes, statues, succulents, or clocks, just to name a few. Smaller items are often displayed on a decorative tray or dish. These things are used in between the tall element and the light form, and on shelves, if your table has those.

Using These Elements to Style for Fall

As far as items to use to style your console table for fall, we recommend that you swap out two to four of the accessories or elements you would normally display on your table for some fall flair.

So if you normally display a mirror or other artwork behind the table, you could swap it out for a subtle piece of fall artwork, a fall wreath, or word art, depending on the formality of your space and the feel you are trying to create for the room. If you usually have a lamp on the table, switch it out for a lantern that has a fall feel to it. If you typically feature a statue, try a glass pumpkin. The possibilities are endless, so get creative while keeping in mind the principles we recommend for a well-styled console table.

Some Fall Console Table Accessories We Love

If you’re looking for a little inspiration to get you started, here are a few fall console table items we love:

Vases and fall foliage for them:

Textured gold vase from Target:

Fall foliage from Pier 1:

Twigs from Michaels:

Red accent stem from Michaels:

Trays and decorative items for bowls and trays:

Decorative tray from Target:

Pumpkin set for a bowl or tray from Pier 1:

Vase filler from Target:

Artwork and wreaths:

“Give Thanks” sign from TJ Maxx:

Neutral fall wreath from Pier 1:

Lanterns and candles:

Lantern from TJ Maxx:

Hurricane candle holders from Pottery Barn:

Rustic lantern from Target:

Other small items:

Glass pumpkins from Pier 1:

Gold votives, set of 6 from Pottery Barn:

We hope you take this opportunity to get creative in styling your console table. Sometimes seasonal decorations can have the most sentimental value attached to them. So while we hope this post gives you some inspiration, we encourage you to choose your own items that have significance to you and will make you feel at home in the midst of your fall festivities.