This is the year. You’ve decided you’re going to host a big family meal this Mother’s Day in honor of mom. You’ve invited everyone, you’re planning the menu, and now you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to make the dining table look festive.

We recently styled a table that we think has a great look for Mother’s Day. We’ve also picked several other looks we love from Pinterest. Using these, we’ve compiled some styling tips and recommendations for a cheerful look for your dining room table that is sure to make mom feel special.

1: Choose Your Style & Color Scheme

What look will mom love? Traditional, modern, rustic chic? Try to choose a style that goes with the overall feel of your home and your dining room table.

For your color scheme, choose one to three main colors and one metallic accent, such as gold, rose gold, or silver. You may want to choose this color scheme based on pieces you already have, or maybe you want to go with something entirely outside your normal table setting and choose colors you know are your mom’s favorites!

When picking your main colors, decide whether you want to go with complementary colors or different shades of the same color. The analogous colors will generally give you a more traditional look, while complementary colors will provide a bolder look.

CIRCLE’s setup featured a clean and modern look. We used bolder complementary colors, incorporating bright and warm reds and yellows and the contrasting blue accents. We used silver as our metallic tone.

This setup in the photo below features more of an analogous color palette with the close shades of coral and orange and even the rose gold metallic showcases that same tone. The wooden placemats give it a touch of that rustic chic feel:

Photo from Rooms for Rent blog.

2: Decide If You Will Use a Table Covering

Do you need a tablecloth or runner? Or will you just use placemats? A tablecloth will provide a more formal and traditional look. A runner and placemats, or just placemats on their own, will give you a cleaner look. If you do decide on a tablecloth, we encourage you to choose white or another neutral color to give you flexibility to play around with colors and patterns in your other accessories.

3: Pick Your Place Settings

Now for the fun part! Based on your color scheme and style, consider your choices for placemats, plates, napkins, napkin rings, cutlery, and glasses. Layer these elements using a mixture of solids, patterns, and textures within your color scheme.

Remember that it doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy. So if you buy a placemat with a fun pattern, don’t buy the matching napkins. Instead look for a solid color from that pattern, or a completely different pattern that still coordinates with your color scheme.

For example, CIRCLE used a fun floral napkin like this one:

To contrast, we used a blue striped placemat and these cheerful Kate Spade dinner plates. The mixture of solids and patterns, accented by the silver of the napkin rings and cutlery, created a vibrant and modern look.

You can also see the layering of a variety of textures and patterns in this fun outdoor table setting:

This is also a great occasion to pull out fun glassware or special serving bowls that you might not normally use. For example, we love the blue goblets in this setting:

Photo from Adored by Alex.

4: Style Your Centerpiece

By the time you get all your place settings down, depending on the size of your table, you may not have a lot of room leftover to accessorize the middle of your table. And when it comes to centerpieces and other smaller table decor, we think less is more; it’s easy for things to feel crowded.

So focus on the centerpiece first, and only add more accessories from there if you really need to. For Mother’s Day, we recommend a large vase of fresh flowers that are within your color scheme (bonus points if they are mom’s favorite flowers!). Place the vase on a tray that matches the style of your table setting.

For example, CIRCLE used a bouquet of yellow tulips on a modern silver tray. It was the perfect pop of color and shine to complement our place settings. And for the size of the table, this was enough.

If your centerpiece is set and you still feel like the table needs a little more, you can try different kinds of candles, depending on the look you’re going for, smaller flower arrangements, or other greenery.

For example, this setup used gold candlesticks with white candles for a traditional look:

Photo from Rooms for Rent blog.

This setup incorporated some smaller flowers in addition to the main ones in the centerpiece:


Get the Look: CIRCLE’s Mother’s Day Table Setting

If you love the look of our Mother’s Day table setting, use the links below to shop the look of similar items as the ones we used:

Happy decorating!