It’s no secret, my life is crazy…Not just normal crazy, like mega crazy! And I’m not one to be busy just for the sake of busy-ness. There is just a lot of “stuff” to do when you run a small business and have four kids under the age of 10. I know I don’t have to go into it. You know what I’m saying.

So, take the everyday crazy, multiply by 100, and you have what is a typical December for the Dorlinis. In addition to standard holiday chaos (wrapping presents for 4 kids is no joke), there is the CIRCLE homemade peppermint bark production, that in past years, before I had help, could takes DAYS to accomplish. Add to that, Tyson’s birthday on the 14th, AND John’s and my wedding anniversary on the 22nd, AND Christmas on the 25th, AND Dotti’s birthday on the 30th, AND clients who want projects done before Christmas…you have the perfect storm brewing for a Theresa-sized meltdown.

But then sometimes something happens to put all of this in perspective, something big to smack you upside the head and get your attention. (It takes something really big to slow me down, because I’m a stupid and stubborn overachiever, a bad combination.) My “something” was a car accident. A red-light-runner was hit by an SUV in an intersection, causing it to spin out of control and strike my minivan…WITH ALL FOUR KIDS IN IT WITH ME.

Words cannot express the feeling of absolute terror I had when I heard the initial BOOM, and saw the car flying towards us. I braced myself for the impact…BAM!…and then all the kids were screaming and crying. I was shaking uncontrollably, but the only thing that mattered to me was, “Are my babies ok?!” In that split second, our lives could have been changed forever. I guarantee the lives of the two women that were taken out on stretchers are changed.

We walked away with minor injuries and soreness. My neck will have some healing to do, and the tension headaches caused by the neck strain persist, but I am forever grateful for God’s protection of my family. I am NOTHING without them! …And I am more sure now than ever before that no one will die without CIRCLE’s homemade peppermint bark (but we’re still on track to get it out on time)! 🙂