Cement tile with bold patterns have been very popular recently. If you’re an HGTV fan or an avid Pinterest user, you may have noticed them popping up in a lot of places, such as bathroom floors, kitchen backsplashes, and entryways.

From left to right: Cement tile backsplash photo from Laurel Bern Interiors. A bathroom design with cement tile flooring, photo from Room for Tuesday. Another backsplash using cement tile, photo from My Domaine.

CIRCLE used this cement tile in a bathroom design:

You may even see tiles like these that are laid to look like a rug!

We love the unique look they can bring into a space, creating instant visual interest. These work really well to create a focal point in a space that has a more neutral color palette, as the bold pattern can quickly overpower a space that already has a lot of color and texture. You also want to keep in mind that the pattern and style of the tile should match that of the overall feel of your house.

As this cement tile trend has risen in popularity, we’ve started to see its influence on other areas of design.

For example, you may see rugs that are made to look like cement tile:

Or cement tile tables:

You may have also seen the DIY trend all over Pinterest to use them as table tops:

Photo on left from Seeking Lavender Lane.

One thing we noticed recently is their influence on home decor. Specifically, we saw these decorative boxes with cement tile lids that can be used as a small accent piece on a table or shelf. LOVE!

Boxes are available from Sagebrook Home. From left to right: Box with green and ivory lid, box with gray and red lid, box with floral black and white lid.

No matter the style of your home, if you love the look of cement tile, you can probably find a way to incorporate it. Whether that’s in a big way, like using it on your bathroom  floor, or in a smaller way, like through these decorative boxes, is up to you!