It’s Valentine’s Day. For some, it’s a great opportunity for romance and to celebrate a significant other. For others, it’s an over-commercialized, made-up holiday for obligatory gift giving and way too much candy for the kids.

Love it or hate it, as an interior designer and self-proclaimed #designdork, I’m using it as an excuse to celebrate another love of mine — good design. In fact, John and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. We call it “Mutual Love of Design Day.” (Yes, we are dorks.) We usually get each other a design related gift—a special book, a piece of furniture, or art we’ve been wanting.

So I thought I’d share some of that love with you today. These 7 design and decor elements I have picked are indicative of my personal style, and I will always love these things. Enjoy!

#1: A dark and dramatic wallpaper

I love the sophisticated feel and texture that a dark wallpaper like this one brings into a room. Use it in the entire space or just on one to two accent walls. This gives you the freedom to use bold colored furniture like a couch or accent table. Smaller colored accent pieces such as throw pillows and picture frames in the room will also pop.

#2: A vibrant channel tufted sofa

A fantastic sofa like this one is the perfect mix of classic and modern, and I love the detail of the legs. It can provide an accent to many different styles of rooms. Pair it with neutral-colored accents to make a statement with it, or with other colored accents for a really bold look—just try not to go too matchy-matchy.

#3: A gold accent table

I love gold accent tables for the chic and sophisticated look they can bring to a space. They provide a little bit of shimmer that catches the eye and pair well with a variety of color schemes.

#4: An “updated traditional” rug

A “traditional” Persian rug can get an updated look with a bit more muted pattern and a more monochromatic color scheme. I love the versatility of a rug like this that can work in a modern or a traditional space.

#5: A large statement piece of art

Another love of mine is art, and I love how a large, beautiful piece of art can make the design of an interior space come to life. The possibilities are literally endless, and your choice of a large statement piece would depend on your style and the color scheme of your room. I love a modern piece like this one for its texture and rich tones.

#6: A subtle dimensional tile

In the kitchen or bathroom, I will always love a subtle tile like this one that has a dimensional, geometric surface. Light reflects off of the glossy surface, creating a wonderful texture that draws the eye in without overpowering the space.

#7: Beautiful books!

I totally judge a book by a its cover when it comes to using it as an accent piece in a living room. I love using a stack of books with unique designs for a pop of color on a coffee table. If you’re a #designdork like me, you may also enjoy reading them too!

What do you think—do you love any of these too? What pieces or looks do you love that show off your personal style? Feel free to share them in the comments below! Whether or not you’re a Valentine’s Day fan, I hope you celebrate something you love today!