Wow! October has come and gone, and I cannot believe Thanksgiving is almost here. “Where did all the time go?!…”

I’m constantly asking myself that question!…like seriously, MULTIPLE times a day.

I find myself with just an hour left to finish a design contract that needs to get out before I can leave the office to meet the kids off the bus. “Oh crap! How is it already 1pm?!”…

I look up at the clock and realize I’m running late for a meeting. “Oh no, maybe I can make up some time on the road?”…

I finish cleaning up the kitchen after dinner and realize it’s already time to get the kids ready for bed. “Sigh. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!”…

WHERE DID THE TIME GO?! I know I’m not the only mom who thinks this. And I know I’m not the only mom who juggles a multitude of tasks and responsibilities…just. to. survive! Sometimes in the depths of sleep deprivation it’s hard to remember that. It’s hard to remember you are not alone, that you have a whole legion of sisters who are right there with you.

In this world of social media it’s easy to think,

“Oh my goodness, why can’t I get my act together?”

“Why am I the only one who has these mega-mommy-meltdowns?”

“Did I answer that client’s email? Did it sound ok?”

“What happened to me?…I used to be so organized!”

“Where did I put Remy’s school picture form?”

“Did I forget Tyson’s kindergarten Fall party? What the hell did I sign up to bring?”

“Crap, was Luca’s classmate gluten intolerant or lactose intolerant?”

“Did I forget to sign Dotti’s reading log?”

“Why won’t my two year old sleep?! Am I ever going to sleep again?!”

…and on and on and on!

So, in what was a very busy (yet amazing) October, I must say that one of my favorite highlights was running into another mom at High Point market. She was sitting at the back of the lecture room feeding her little baby, and I just had to stop and say hi. (New baby smell is my drug of choice! LOL!). Although the little bundle was quietly and contently eating, I could still detect that tiny bit of anxiety on mom’s face, that little bit of fear that baby could turn on her at any moment and start screaming inconsolably.

I knew the look because I had been in the same position last market! I knew she was feeling a little insecure and a little “frowned upon” for having a baby with her, so I made sure to tell her she was doing an amazing job and how I remember toting Remy around with me to all the show rooms when she was her baby’s size.

In less than five minutes, we bonded over 1) the difficulties of market without a stroller (which are “forbidden” in most showrooms), 2) finding places to nurse or change babies (almost impossible), and 3) the look of pure annoyance on the faces of some showroom reps the second they realized you had a baby strapped to your chest (like said baby was going to projectile vomit through the carrier, all over that $300 per yard fabric)…Oh, and 4) realizing we both could not answer the question, “Where did all the time go?!”

So, I was back at work after returning from market, sitting at my computer, undoubtedly thinking, “Crap, I only have 30 minutes to finish this email before I have to ________!”…then at that moment, I get the amazing text below that warmed my heart, lifted my spirits, and reminded me that I was not alone. I was exactly where I was supposed to be in this crazy roller coaster ride called motherhood. And regardless of whether I could remember or answer the question, “where did all the time go?,” my heart still knew every second was worth it!


Toting Remy at the 2016 market:
Us at the 2017 market: